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Google 4 P's Marketing
Marketing Mix Introduction


Google was founded by two Stanford University students, at their dorm room, in 1995. Google has become the worlds most popular search engine since then and can attribute its success to an innovative marketing plan. The culture of Google is similar to many of the dotcoms of the 90’s. Most employee workstations are surrounded by leisure activities such as rollerblading, coffee lounges and an array of toys, such as scooters and rubber balls, strewn throughout the building. The culture was built to suit the habits of a generation of computer nerds who were tired of sitting in cubicles. Unfortunately this culture was part of the reason many dotcom’s went down in the Tech Stock crash in the late 90’s. Google is unique in where the employees really had helped develop a tool that was needed by everyone who had an internet connection. It found a good market niche and followed the path of innovation to market itself as the strong company that everyone knows today.

The reason that Google is such an innovative company is that there are more uses to than meets the eye. Unobtrusive text ads on the right hand border help to boost sites that are willing to pay for clicks to their websites. Google search can be used as a conversion calculator, among other things, to help a user find how many feet are in a kilometer (type: feet to 1 kilometer). Google has a department called Google Labs that is testing new, free, internet technology such as a searching product catalogs and a personal web search.

Google’s marketing plan can be broken down into the four P’s of marketing; product, price, promotion and place. Google has taken into consideration each one of these areas of marketing and used them as an advantage over their competitors. With Google announcing it’s IPO it will need to keep up even more with competitors, now that there are stockholders analyzing every penny of the company.

1 > Google 4 Ps Introduction
2 > Google 4 Ps Product
3 > Google 4 Ps Price
4 > Google 4 Ps Promotion
5 > Google 4 Ps Place
6 > Google 4 Ps Recommendations
7 > Google 4 Ps Conclusion



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