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Project Management


– A group of multiple interdependent activities that require people and resources. It has a definite start and end date and a specific set of criteria that define successful completion.

Project Management

- Planning, control of large time consuming projects.

  • The Project manager must schedule and coordinate the various jobs or activities so that the entire project is completed on time.

Underlying features of Project Management:

  • Projects rarely progress the way that they are defined.
  • Technical skills of the team vs. The culture of the team
    (culture based on commitment and delivering quality)
  • Necessary skills: A diplomat, a ballet dancer, a drill sergeant!

Examples of Projects:

  • Development of a tract of real estate
  • Installation and debugging of a new computer system
  • Launching a new product
  • Start up a small entrepreneurial firm

Phases in Project Management

Project Planning

  • What is the goal/objective of the project?
  • What are the various activities (or tasks) that constitute the project?
  • How are the activities linked? What are the precedence relationships between the activities?
  • What is the time required for each activity?
  • What are the resources that are required for each activity?

Project Scheduling

  • When will the entire project be completed?
  • What is the schedule (start and finish time) for each activity?
  • What are the critical activities in the project?
  • What are the non-critical activities in the project?
  • By how much can a non-critical activity be delayed without affecting the completion time of the project?

Project Controlling

  • At any particular date or time, is the project on schedule, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule?
  • Are there enough resources available to finish the project on time?
  • How do we identify the problems?
  • Guidelines for solving problems

Project Management
Project Planning
Project Scheduling
Project Controlling



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