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The Four P's of Google
Marketing Mix Promotion


Promotions are activities such as advertising, personal selling, and sales promotion which communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it (Armstrong and Kotler 63). Time and time again Google has refused to jumble its homepage with annoying advertisements, banners, or links to other websites, as reported by Ben Elgin in a recent issue of BusinessWeek (88). Other companies have flourished mainly due to their colossal advertising campaigns. For years, Google has committed itself to focus on search and avoids fancy graphics. Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin dislike the idea of ads affecting search results. Consequently, Google does not do a whole lot to get their name out to the public. Surprisingly, the company has grown by word of mouth, not by advertising. Google relies greatly on word of mouth to develop and expand their innovative brand. The more credible a brand is, the more widely its reputation will spread. Google, like Kleenex and Xerox, has become so pervasive that the brand name is used as an ordinary word. Google’s convenient service and precise search results have made it one of the world’s best-known brands and search engines almost completely through word of mouth from satisfied users.

Despite emerging onto the scene later than others, Google has risen to outdo all of its competitors becoming what is now the most popular Internet search engine. Several people like the fact that Google offers a minimal homepage, which loads immediately without annoying advertisements. Lycos and AltaVista advertise heavily and load their homepage with flash. People seem to like Google more because of its simple and direct approach. As a result of Google’s outstanding results it has compelled its dedicated users to inform everyone else about their remarkable search engine. Google’s growth is proof of the power of viral marketing, without the need for massive advertising budgets.

With viral marketing, customers become the company’s advertisers by telling their friends who in turn pass on the news to their friends until it gets out of hand and word of mouth results. Google is definitely a successful word of mouth and a word of mouth circulates based on the quality of the product. Recently, Google launched a new website called “Froogle,” which is a product search. Froogle is a separate site from Google. When Froogle was first introduced, Google did not display an advertisement or a link to Froogle. Rather, they relied on providing a quality free service and backing it with good public relations. Another example would be AdSense and AdWords. Again, Google does not advertise this offer on its homepage. This agitated some Google users but the company maintains that its search capabilities will always be independent of advertising. Any displayed advertisements are designated as “sponsored links.” Google has also partnered with to make available Google’s search technology and sponsored links on their site. In addition, Google features sponsored links on web design and development sites.

Google offers the clearest separation between search results and ads, its brand will be tough to dethrone (Elgin 84). Page and Brin have faith that people will check out the site and email their friends, suggesting that they take a look at the Google site to see what it has to offer. Their best reference is a friend and with enough friends, they will create a buzz and significant exposure by word of mouth, the ultimate branding technique. Word of mouth centered on quality, not publicizing, prevails in the new business environment.

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