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How to set up an Internet Radio Station
Difficulty: Easy, Software needed: Winamp, Shoutcast DSP, and DNAS

Webcasts are becoming a popular source for listening to music. They don’t involve downloading copies to a hard drive. They are just for listening pleasure, and possibly an enthused listener will go out and purchase an album. The internet is a great place to find new and upcoming talent, which is why people have accepted webcasts with open arms. Setting up your own station is simple. If you have ever have wanted to listen to your music, mp3 or wav audio, that is on your computer while you are away from the house, or for others to enjoy, you can set up an internet radio station in about fifteen minutes. Following a few steps will have you up and running today.

You will need a computer, first off, running any windows operating system. The first step is to acquire the software. There are a few sites that offer different broadcasting tools, but you will get everything you need from Obviously, you will need an internet connection. A high-speed broadband connection is preferred over a slow modem. At you will find a link located at the top of the page that reads “download.” You will download the three software products offered on this page you just clicked to. One is the mp3 player, “winamp”, the second is the winamp plug-in, “dsp,” and the third is the server software called the “dnas.” After you download and install these three tools, the fun begins.

Your next step is to configure your “dnas.” Changing a few things in a text file makes your server configurations. To open this text file you will open the sc_serv.exe file located on your desktop window. The “SHOUTcast Server Monitor” will appear and now you should click on the “Edit Config” button. The only things you have to change in this text file are “MaxUser” number, and “Password.” The rest can be left alone, or changed later, if desired. Changing the max user field, defines how many people at one time that can connect and listen to your station. Enter any number after the “=” sign. Now, right below this you must type in a password after the “=” sign. Save and Close this text file and now you will configure the “dsp” plugin for winamp.

Open up the winamp player, and press ctrl+p. This will open up the properties box. From the menu on the left click on the “DSP/Effect” button, and then on the entry that reads “Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP.” This will open a little plug-in that will allow you to define your station. The first fields to fill in are “Description,” and “Genre,” both of which are located on the “Output” tab and in “Yellowpages” form. The description is the name of your station. The Genre is the type of music you will be playing, and if you leave the “Make this server public” button pushed, will automatically list your station on their web page under the genre/genres you choose. The next things you will have to do are click on the “Connection” button and type your password in the field password field. Next click on the “Encoder” tab. Under the “encoder type” tab choose MP3 encoder. Then choose a bit rate, under the encoder settings. The smaller the number you choose, the poorer the quality of stream you will broadcast, but the more possible listeners you will be able to handle.

The next step is simply connecting your server, and the rest is history. To connect, you will have to first, play a song in winamp, and have the “sc_serv.exe” file open. The connect button, on the output tab of the “dsp” (SHOUTcast Source), is the last click and whalaa! You have your own internet radio station. You and others can now connect from any location in the world to here your winamp play list.




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