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The Four P's of Google
Marketing Mix Product


Product is one of the components of the 4P’s of marketing. A company or an individual must have product to market and to offer to the people. A product is define as anything that can be offered to a market for attention, use, or consumption, and that might satisfy a want or need (Armstrong and Kotler 278). Also, according to Armstrong and Kotler, a company’s offer to the market place often includes both tangible goods and services.

Google offers services as a form of it product to its customers. The products they offer fall into industrial products; Google’s’ business products offer services to their customers such as advertising and providing their search technology to solve companies’ search problems within their intranet. Also, they also sell tangible items along with its service or hybrid offers and also sell “pure” products.

Google categorizes their products into three classes: Advertising solutions, Business Solutions, and the Google Store. In their Advertising solutions, they offer Google’s AdWords. Google offers text-based ads that are precise to the search on the site of the user and the customers pay Google every time internet search users click on their site. They help the customers to set up their site as the volume of visitors to the customer site’s increases.

In their Business Solutions Google offers a Search Appliance to companies who need solutions to the search problems that their employees conducting within their computers by bringing in Google’s search technology and intranet to their clients. Google provides both the hardware and the software to the customers. Google has three models of the Search Appliance: the GB-1001 for departments and mid-sized companies, the GB-5005 for dedicated high-priority search services such as customer-facing websites and company-wide intranet applications, and the GB-8008 for centralized deployments supporting global business units.

Lastly, The Google Store sells tangible items such as shirts, notebooks, bags, caps, lava lamps to almost anything that they can print their company’s name on.

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