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The Four P's of Google
Marketing Mix Recommendations


Our first recommendation to Google is to continue doing what they are doing so well and that is indexing and rating billions of web pages every day better than other search engine companies. They must keep updating their search engine so it finds relevant and helpful websites or they will just be one of the others. The thing that Google does so much better than the other search engines is they bring up the closest matching websites and are not biasing the search with any paid advertisements. They must continue to separate the paid search results with the organic search results.

Our number one recommendation to Google is to maximize the marketing potential of going public. All of the press and attention Google is going to get in the next couple of months before their stocks are sold to the public will play an important role on how well they do in the early months of being a publicly traded company. It is not uncommon for companies to have a huge boost in sales and revenue right after they release their stocks. If Google finds some way to harness this opportunity, they should do very well. They will have at least a month or two until the stock is actually sold, since they just announced the release a few days ago.

Lastly, Google should continue to be innovative and try new things. They are constantly using technology and bright minds to come up with useful tools for everyday use. They also have a wide variety of services available to businesses that most overlook. To keep up with technology and push its boundaries in the web world, Google hires the best of the best. Even though the company is going to expand rapidly in the next few months, they must keep hiring only the most suitable and able employees. This will allow Google to continue to expand and expand its value to everyone from the everyday web surfer, to the most techie people. The new creative features Google will produce and offer to the public will prove to play an important role in their long lasting success. Many people say they can’t remember what life was like without Google and with its continued innovation, there will be many more people added to that list.

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