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Project Controlling

Project control is the process of overseeing the implementation of the project plan.

  • Planning requires 10% of the time of the project
  • Controlling requires 90%

Project Controlling:

  • Anticipating problems
  • Uncovering problems
  • Solving problems
  • Handling changes

Purposes of Project Control:

Identify problem

Solve problem

Get the project back on track as soon as possible after the problem is identified

Variety of Problems:

  • Anticipated Problems
  • Surprise Problems

Project Control Process

Weapons needed(!):

  • Communication
  • Participation
  • Analysis
  • Action
  • Commitment


Guidelines for solving problems:
Everyone must play by the rules

  • Have each member state his or her view of the problem for one minute
    Develop alternatives in “waves”
  • Identify to top three solutions – group chooses the best one.
    Develop an implementation plan for the chosen solution
  • Implement the solution, keeping the top two other solutions on file as “Plan B” or “Plan C”
  • If Plan A doesn’t work, determine why and move immediately to Plan B (or Plan C if it seems to fit better)

Project Control Tools and Techniques

  • The Project Meetings
  • The “Official” Project Log
  • The Personal Project Log
  • Tracking Charts
  • Project Reporting

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