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Windows Boot Up Screen
Low Resolution

Windows boot up screen: Some people ask "why is the Windows boot up screen in such a bad resolution?" The boot up menu shows up in a 16 colour palette Bitmap image with a resolution of 640x480. This of course is a very low quality and usually peoples pc's can handle a much higher resolution setting. The reason Windows developers chose to use such a low resolution is so that the Operating System was compatible with any platform. This of course means that nearly anyone is able to have the blue screen of death appear if they whish.

The 16 colour palette relates the amount of colors to the bits necessary to represent the colors. The 16 colour palette does not mean that there are 16-bits, but it means there are 16 colors. If there are 16 different colors for the Windows boot up screen, then there needs to be 4-bits (4^2=16) to have a 16 colour palette.

That is it, just a simple explanation of why the Windows boot up screen is the way it is, and a simple run-down on bits in relation to the colour palette... Courtesy of Nicefarts.


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