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Corporate Radio Clash
Solution = Internet Radio

Today’s music radio is dead. Companies like Clear Channel have made it very hard for any creative music to reach the airwaves. Clear Channel owns about 1200 radio stations in the United States. They have turned a dj art into a pre-formatted empire that has killed the use of live djs, and replaced them with non-local recorded voices. Clear channel reaches about forty percent of all radio listeners in San Diego. With this large percentage of monopoly power it makes it very hard for independent, and local artists to reach the masses. Radio comes in “clear” only when locally placed broadcast towers are near and powerful. Since the invention of streaming media on the internet, indie artists now have a place to reach music lovers and consumers clearly.

The amount of internet radio stations is over-whelming, but one can very easily find one that suits his or her musical tastes. A couple clicks of the mouse can turn your room or office into an artist’s shrine. Local and independent stations can be found not only for artists where you are, but worldwide local stations. These stations are called webcasts, and can be enjoyed anywhere an internet connection is made. Today internet is in almost every home and office so webcasts are great for almost everyone. The quality, or bitrate, of the live stream depends on the connection type a listener has. Basically, the faster the internet connection you have, the higher quality webcast you can listen to. Some streams have better than cd quality streams, and some simply sound lousy. Webcasts are specifically made for modem users or worse though, and do work well in most cases. The amount of internet users is still on a huge incline, and I expect the amount of internet radio stations and users to both increase also, as long as broadcast laws stay constant.

The morality of the corporate radio stations has everything to do with the poor music in the airwaves. These greedy guys do not care if good music is broadcasted; they care about revenue. The revenue they get depends advertising, and corporate record labels dragging in the masses with garbage profit maximizing crap they call music. These station owners and record companies invest so much money in distribution, videos and marketing that they have no room to take chances on creative music. They want a return on their investments. This doesn’t allow any room for indie and local talent to shine. Let these greedy pigs have their money, but as long as I can find good music through webcasts, I will be happy.


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