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Article Submission

If you would like to submit an article, please follow the submission guidelines below, and email your article to castelarhost @

Please note, does not compensate authors for published articles. The majority of authors who are published on have submitted their articles without a fee, and are seeking to bring attention to their product or service. Please do not submit any articles if you are seeking monetary reimbursement.

Submission Guidelines

1. Your article can be any length. If it's really short, or really long, I may still publish it if I like it.
2. Paste your article in your email message (preferred method), or attach a Plain Text, RTF, or Word document.
3. Include a brief biography of the author
4. Include a brief byline that will go at the end of the article. The byline replaces traditional monetary compensation, and is intended to promote the author's product or service. I encourage you to include an email address or website address in your byline, so the reader can learn more about the author's product or service.
5. Important! Please include the following statement in your email message, and include your name where it says "[your name]." I cannot publish your article without this statement:

I, [your name], give permission to publish this article (or articles) on the website (or any website directly related to it). I offer this article free-of-charge, and understand that I will not get compensated if this article is published on the website (or any websites directly related to it).

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